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We are UnitingWorld | Showcase video for UnitingWorld

"This is who we are. A pilgrim people. United by the love that calls us to each other and the world...”
We're excited to share our new agency video with our generous supporters.

Because you're part of it.

None of this work could happen without your support, prayers and shared vision of a world free of poverty and injustice. Thank you.

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Tuvalu | Faith in a Changing Climate

Throughout the Pacific, storms, drought and changing sea temperatures make daily life a struggle for survival. Rev Tafue and the local church in Tuvalu share hope and practical skills that save lives in the face of a changing climate.

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Tuvalu | Faith in a Changing Climate | Campaign Images

Tuvalu Web-1.jpg
Tuvalu Web-3.jpg
Tuvalu Web-6.jpg
Tuvalu Web-13.jpg
Tuvalu Web-11.jpg
Tuvalu Web-10.jpg
Tuvalu Web-18.jpg
Tuvalu Web-15.jpg
Tuvalu Web-19.jpg
Tuvalu Web-21.jpg
Tuvalu Web-20.jpg
Tuvalu Web-22.jpg
Tuvalu Web-24.jpg
Tuvalu Web-27.jpg
Tuvalu Web-26.jpg
Tuvalu Web-28.jpg
Tuvalu Web-29.jpg
Tuvalu Web-31.jpg
Tuvalu Web-32.jpg
Tuvalu Web-33.jpg
Tuvalu Web-34.jpg
Tuvalu Web-36.jpg
Tuvalu Web-37.jpg
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Indonesia | We're Better Together | EOFY Campaign

In some of the world’s poorest places, Christian communities are having a real and positive impact. Travelling to remote areas to kickstart small businesses among impoverished women, they’re training families in the care and breeding of goats and providing health care for whole communities.
In recognition of the success of UnitingWorld’s poverty alleviation and peacebuilding projects, each year the Australian Government offers vital funding toward this work.
To receive Australian Aid funding, we are required to contribute $1 for every $5 we receive from the Australian Government.
So right now, your gift can go up to six times further toward the work of our local partners in Indonesia, India,West Timor and Zimbabwe.
We’re better together.

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Indonesia | We're Better Together | Campaign Images

EOFY 2018-79.jpg
EOFY 2018-76.jpg
EOFY 2018-82.jpg
EOFY 2018-21.jpg
EOFY 2018-19.jpg
EOFY 2018-1.jpg
EOFY 2018-10.jpg
EOFY 2018-50.jpg
EOFY 2018-63.jpg
EOFY 2018-36.jpg
EOFY 2018-30.jpg
EOFY 2018-12.jpg
EOFY 2018-5.jpg
EOFY 2018-41.jpg
EOFY 2018-51.jpg
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7 Days of Solidarity 2020 | Fundraising Campaign

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Women In The Pacific | Raising Her Voice

Strong, creative and the backbone of their communities, women in the Pacific are still likely to experience violence at the hands of family members more than anywhere else in the world. We’re helping them raise their voices and we need your support.

For-Purpose: Video

Women In The Pacific | Raising Her Voice | Campaign Images

Women's Change Web-2.jpg
Women's Change Web-17.jpg
Women's Change Web-16.jpg
Women's Change Web-7.jpg
Women's Change Web-11.jpg
Women's Change Web-18.jpg
Women's Change Web-9.jpg
Women's Change Web-6.jpg
Women's Change Web-5.jpg
Women's Change Web-4.jpg
Women's Change Web-13.jpg
Women's Change Web-14.jpg
Women's Change Web-15.jpg
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Covid-19 Emergency appeal

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South Sudan | Bringing Peace

Christian leaders are caring for people traumatised by war, teaching peace and forgiveness, rebuilding livelihoods.

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South Sudan | Bringing Peace | Campaign Images

South Sudan-1.jpg
South Sudan-2.jpg
South Sudan-4.jpg
South Sudan-5.jpg
South Sudan-6.jpg
South Sudan-10.jpg
South Sudan-8.jpg
South Sudan-7.jpg
South Sudan-9.jpg
South Sudan-11.jpg
South Sudan-12.jpg
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India | Social Justice & Education

Community development workers in India are championing justice and supporting families to break the chains of poverty through education, employment and healthcare.

For-Purpose: Video
India Web-30.jpg
India Web-3.jpg
India Web-32.jpg
India Web-4.jpg
India Web-2.jpg
India Web-31.jpg
India Web-1.jpg
India Web-7.jpg
India Web-33.jpg
India Web-34.jpg
India Web-36.jpg
India Web-37.jpg
India Web-9.jpg
India Web-8.jpg
India Web-6.jpg
India Web-5.jpg
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China | Leaders of the Fastest Growing Church in the World

New ministers are nurturing Christians to share God’s love in the fastest growing church in the world.

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China | Leaders of the Fastest Growing Church in the World | Campaign Images

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Papua New Guinea | Taps, Tanks & Education

Community workers are providing taps, tanks and education about sanitation, saving lives.

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Papua New Guinea | Taps, Tanks & Education | Campaign Images

PNG Web-1.jpg
PNG Web-14.jpg
PNG Web-30.jpg
PNG Web-19.jpg
PNG Web-17.jpg
PNG Web-8.jpg
PNG Web-3.jpg
PNG Web-31.jpg
PNG Web-7.jpg
PNG Web-6.jpg
PNG Web-24.jpg
PNG Web-26.jpg
PNG Web-10.jpg
PNG Web-29.jpg
PNG Web-28.jpg
PNG Web-27.jpg
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